Ninja PRO V2 Regulator

Ninja PRO V2 Regulator

  • $69.95

Ninja V2 Super High Pressure Regulator
The Ninja Pro V2 SHP Regulator gives you a full 360 degrees of rotation which allows you to relocate your gauge and fill nipple to point in any direction. Not only do you have more adjustability than ever before, the Ninja Pro V2 SHP Regulator uses a ball valve instead of the standard pin valve that other manufacturers are using. This new type of valve is less likely to leak than old school ones, and it boasts a 30% increased flow over its predecessor. This means that you'll never have any issues with starving your low pressure regulator (even at extremely low pressures!). It is also very easy to disassemble, rebuild or adjust the output pressure. Made in the USA! 




  • New Ball Valve Seal
  • 30% Increased flow
  • Improved seal Integrity
  • Rotational 360 Degree
  • Pressure Adjustable with INCLUDED shims

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